Swallowcourt has more than 15 years experience of supporting people within its high quality residential homes.  We have a great record of enabling individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations, helping them to enjoy fulfilling lifestyles. While residential settings are ideal for some, we also strive, wherever possible to provide opportunity for people to be supported in their own homes by our highly trained carers.

We have therefore developed services for individuals that live in their own homes, encouraging and supporting them to learn new skills, and to enjoy a high level of presence within the community.    This service also works well for those that may have lived in a residential setting but are now ready to move on to more independent living.  All services are bespoke and designed around the needs of each individual.

Swallowcourt Home Care is registered with the Care Quality Commission, (CQC) and is monitored regularly by our quality team and by external auditors to ensure that the standards of care being provided match those of our residential homes.

We would be delighted to chat to you about the services we can provide.  Please feel free to contact 01872 278197 or click here.